Moshi Moshi

The first words flowing from the fingertips were hard to get to, so maybe my explaining that is a cop-out of sorts, but regardless, here I am, at the start of my blog.  Separate from ramblings I post on social media, because I think when you are amongst strangers and unknown, its easier to be raw.  A wink is easy when you’ll not see a passerby again.

Perhaps that’s my non-dairy creamer.  The reference, musical.  The blog, me in all senses.  I’ll be talking about life, love, thoughts, sunbeams, candy canes, blue elephants and sailboats; just about anything under the eye that interests me.  Hopefully I’ll do it grammatically correct and as few spelling errors as possible.

Me though:  Robert is the name they gave me.  Any variation will validate a response, and perhaps I’m making a general assumption in saying that we do like to be called Robert above all the nicknames.  Though you get used to them being engrained in your head for as long as you can remember, Bobby, in my case.

  • 80’s baby; might’ve fit better in the 18’s or 20’s
  • American, born that way
  • You will see my dog here occasionally
  • Building a library

I started this in lieu of rambling about singleness on Facebook, which I do have, and will put off linking and revealing as long as possible.  Keep the separation as long as possible, so to speak.

The introduction and in fear of making my initial post too long, we end it here.

Best Regards.